Who Are We

We believe that our products are as important as is our connection with the people. We are one of the pioneers in the adult toys industry. We have created a name in the industry by bringing in products that were hitherto unknown in India. It is an open and growing market now and we are happy that our products can be easily shipped to anywhere in the country and even abroad.

We pride ourselves for the impeccable service that we provide to our customers. We strive to improve continuously. We have a huge repertoire of accessories that can help you enhance your life and happiness quotient. We have made a sincere effort in creating a very convenient website that can help you choose and order the products that you would like to buy. We also ensure completely safe transactions and that too in complete privacy.

This is relatively a new niche in this country but it has been our sincere endeavor to reach out to as many people as possible. We also try to bring and sell only the best quality products asour goal is to serve the customers to the best of our abilities. Do check out our website that is secure and safe to access. Our customer service staff is also well trained to respond and answer any questions that you may have regarding the products sold by the site.

As a company, we are proud to be in a niche that is considered unusual. We are successful only because of our patrons who trust us completely. This mutual respect for each other has helped us grow from a small company to our present size. We intend to be at your service and provide you the best kind of pleasure enhancing tools that will bring more joy to your life.